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  How to Operate  
In-Game Menu Options
(1) Cursor Key Player Movement Item Selection
(2) Z key Jump & Boost Confirm
(3) X Key Dash Cancel
(4) A key Main Attack Unusable
(5) S key Sub-Attack Unusable
(6) Ctrl key Firing Angle Hold Unusable
(7) Shift key Exchange Anti-Air Weapon Unusable
(8) Shift + Ctrl, two times
Armor Purge Unusable
(9) Enter key Display Pause Menu Unusable
Operation (*1)
In-Game Menu Options
(1) Direction Keys Player Movement Item Selection
(2) Button 1 Jump & Boost Settings
(3) Button 2 Dash Cancel
(4) Button 3 Main Attack Unusable
(5) Button 4 Sub-Attack Unusable
(6) Button 5 Firing Angle Hold Unusable
(7) Button 6 Exchange Anti-Air Weapon Unusable
(8) (Button 6 + Button 5) twice
Then, Button 8 (*2)
Armor Purge Unusable
(9) Button 7 Display Boss Menu Unusable

*1 You can set each button assignment by selecting Options from the Main Menu.
In preset mode, until controller settings are initialized by selecting "Controller" from the "Options" menu,
controllers cannot be used.

*2 The button action for "Armor Purge" can be set to either (Button 6 + Button 5) twice, or (Button 8) once, by selecting "Game Options" from the "Options" menu.

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  Reading the Screen  
(1) Armor Gauge Decreased when you are struck by an enemy attack.
If your armor gauge is completely depleted
a tactical failure will result.
(2) Boost Gauge Using the booster, the amount of
time you can remain in flight will display. Once the boost gauge
is depleted, you will be unable to use your booster
for a short time.
(3) Ammunition Gauge Displays the remaining amount of ammo for
each weapon. Once the ammo gauge is depleted, you will be unable
to use that weapon for a set amount of time.
(4) Time There is a time limit for mission completion.
Once the time limit reaches zero, the mission
will result in tactical failure.
(5) Score Current Score
If you continue, the score will reset to zero.
(6) Radar Displays enemies and allies in the stage.
Enemies appear in red, Allies in yellow.
(7) Damage Status Display armor damage condition for
Player Gunhounds. Weapon strikes against areas in red
will result in significant damage.

Radar is very effective for escort missions.

Ascertaining offscreen enemy positions is a key strategy for defending against attacks.

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  Basic Controls  

Jump & Boost

By pressing the Jump & Boost button, your Gunhound will

By holding down the button, the booster will kick in
and you will enter flight mode.

Once the boost gauge is depleted, you will be
unable to use your booster for a short time.


By pressing a direction key while holding the "Dash" button,
or by pressing a direction key twice in the same direction,
your Gunhound will dash in that direction.

Main Attack

By pressing the "Main Attack" button, you will attack.
Your starting equipment is a "Gatling Gun".

-Adjust Firing Angle
By pressing the direction key up or down,
you can adjust the firing angle of your main attack.

You can fix the firing angle by using the "Firing Angle Hold" button.


By pressing the "Sub-Attack" button, you will attack.
Your starting equipment is a "Hard Blow".
Power fist can deflect enemy bullets.


Power fist, equipped as your sub-attack by default, can be used defensively as it can stop enemy bullets.

The starting sub-attack equipment "Hard Blow" has a nullifying effect on enemy projectiles.

Press the button with the right timing to use "Hard Blow." A repeated
attack can be unleashed. Each hit from a repeated attack will result in
increasing damage.

In addition, if unleashed during a dash, you can deliver even greater

About Anti-Air Attacks

Lock On Cursor
While pressing the "Exchange Anti-Air Weapon" button,
your Gunhound will enter "Anti-Air Mode",
exchanging your main and sub-weapons for anti-air weaponry.

Main Attack (During Anti-Air Mode)

By pressing the Main Attack button while in Anti-Air Mode,
your main anti-air attack will be unleashed.
Your starting equipment is the "Twin Rifle".

Sub-Attack (During Anti-Air Mode)

By pressing the Sub-Attack button while in Anti-Air Mode,
you will unleash your anti-air sub-attack.
Your starting equipment is a Quad SAM Battery


Within enemies is an object that, once they are toppled, wreathes the surrounding area in a large explosion.

This explosion will allow you to dispatch enemies caught up in its area of effect with
even greater efficiency.

Armor Purge
(Eliminate Armor Reinforcement)

By pressing the "Armor Purge" button, you may
eliminate the armor reinforcement for your Gunhound
(an Armor Purge).

While in an Armor Purge condition, your movement capability will improve remarkably,
but the damage of enemy attacks will increase

You can completely recover your armor gauge by jettisoning your armor.

Boss Menu

By pressing "Display Boss Menu", the game will temporarily pause
and the Boss Menu will be displayed.

From the Boss Menu, you can access Walkthrough Sites,
Operations Tutorials
or select Game Reset
(returns you to the title screen.)

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  Main Menu  
By pressing a button on the title screen,
the Main Menu will appear.

Game Start
Story Mode:
Begin a mission and progress through a scenario.
Story Mode:
Restart play from the beginning of the last stage played.
Learn the controls in a simulation
game mode.
Mission Mode
Game mode where specific missions can be selected to
play through.
Customize your Gunhound.

Change various settings while in-game.


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  Story Mode / Simulator  
- Story Mode
Progress through missions and experience the game's storyline.
Scores for completed missions will
be autosaved.
- Game Start
Start from Mission 1.

- Continue
Continue on from the last stage played.


During missions, transport helicopters will land,
delivering critical item resupplies.

There are two types of item resupplies: one that restores armor gauge, and one that increases armor damage.
- Simulator

Learn the controls in a simulation
game mode.

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  Mission Mode / Customize  
- Mission Mode
Play through individual, previously-completed
- Customize
Set your Gunhound's main and sub-weapons,
and select the color for your Gunhound's armor.

When your total score (displayed through the main menu)
reaches a set value, new weapons will be acquired.
Acquired weapons can be equipped in the "Customize" menu.

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- Options
Change various settings while

Select window display, FPS, and language display settings.
Smartphone display functions may
also be set.
[Game Options]
Change settings for in-game controls and operations.
Change settings for Anti-Air Controls,
Firing Angle, and Armor Purge
Gameplay Difficulty settings may also be changed.
Change controller settings.
Change button configuration for a controller
connected to your PC while in-game.
Change volume levels for background music, effects, and voices.

- About the mobile app

By enabling "Smartphone Associations" and
"Smartphone ID" on the Options Menu,
you will receive audio notification of transmission alerts
from your iPhone/Android
via the "Armored Hunter Gunhound EX Clock App".

*Instructions for Story Mode

1. After starting the app, you will be transferred to the clock screen
press "Back" to return to the menu screen.
2. Please input the ID number displayed on the app's menu screen
into the relevant field in the "Environment" section.
3. After input, confirm "Clock Mode"
and return to the clock screen.
4. In-game event sounds will now be played from the app when they occur in the game.

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The final days of the 21st century... a new energy source has replaced our depleted oil supplies.

As these "Neutron Polymers"

proliferate, the world has descended into conflict.

With the formation of the EAU
government, centered in the southern Europe and Africa, the old EU has disintegrated.

Central-East Europe and the CIS have formed the Eurasian Union.

Pushing their economic and security interests, these organizations direct conflicts to expand and control their regions of influence.

The small nation of Veltonia, located in southeast Asia. Civil war has broken out between the democratic resistance
and the old guard who seek to preserve the monarchy.

However, the vast amount of precious neutron polymer resources that exist in this same country
have raised the stakes of this otherwise internal conflict.

Although the NEU 9th Division Armored Hunter Unit, "Gunhound",

has been the only unit deployed as "support troops" to battle-ravaged Veltonia,
their effect on the course of the war will surely be considerable.

This game is a work of fiction: All names, characters, and organizations, are
imaginary creations.


  *Eurasian Union:
Known as the "EU". An organization that has inherited the position and legacy of the old EU.
To differentiate it from the old EU, it is sometimes also called
the "New Eurasia Union (NEU)."

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Juliane Yuri

Rank: Sergeant Major CV: Kyoko Shiraishi

By all practical standards, the ace pilot of the
9th Division Armored Hunter Unit "Gunhound".

Graduated from the Narashino Academy of New Technology,
famed for its "Curriculum from Hell." Despite the bias against her as a woman,
she managed to achieve a coveted pilot's role in the Armored Hunter unit.

Her impressive skills are not only testified to by her kill count and other military records,
but her calm in battle and powers of judgment
too are critical to her stunning evasion and maneuverability as a Gunhound pilot.

She has been known to nimbly avoid assaults by other units,
only to obliterate them with a vicious counterattack - leading her to be known by her
enemies as the "Lady of Misfortune."

She is a bright and positive girl (her own words),
whose naivety contrasts with her
military role.

Jason "Kid" Powell

Rank: Sergeant CV Kenji Akahane

A rookie pilot assigned to the
9th Division Armored Hunter Unit "Gunhound".

Born to a proud military family, he received the education deserving of an

Although young, he bears the composure appropriate to this dignified legacy as he has risen to the rank of Sergeant.
As a result, he has been entrusted with a position in the cutting-edge
Armored Hunter unit "Gunhound".

Bearing so much pride in his lineage, he must maintain
his composure at all times... this feeling is always at odds with his lack of experience,
often leading to confusion.

Even so, he has the strength of many men when defending comrades willing to forgive him his naivety,
revealing an unexpectedly mature spirit.

Mikhail Karelin

Rank: Captain CV Unsho Ishizuka

The commander who spearheads the
9th Division Armored Hunter Unit "Gunhound".

A man who has spent most of his military career among the elite warriors at the
frontmost lines of battle. With unflappable composure and sense of judgment, he uses his experience to
read the flow of battle like a book.

Believing that adapting to the demands of the field of battle is most critical to success,
he resents the orders of his higher-ups in the chain of command.

His icy calm has led some to call him heartless,
but in truth he is a leader who never acts without considering the well-being of his men.

Sophia Pizarro

Rank: Corporal CV Mai Aizawa

The communications operator for the
9th Division Armored Hunter Unit "Gunhound".
As an expert in coordinating communications,
she provides key back-up during the mission.

Graduating first in her class from the military academy,
she is a cadet who aspires to join the ranks of the career officers,
and so signed up with the frontline units.

Her calm and assured analysis of communication has often saved her units
from seemingly inextricable dilemmas. Although she has an inner strength that allows her to make quick, reliable judgments,
when off-duty, she is a shy girl who loves nothing more than a nice cup of tea.


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To our customers who have purchased Armored Hunter Gunhound EX

Thank you very much for purchasing Armored Hunter Gunhound EX.

This title has been made possible in part through the functionality of
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.

This application has not been correctly configured, and cannot be executed.
This problem may be solved by re-installing the software.

In the event you are unable to begin the game and the above error message is displayed,
you may be able to resolve the issue by downloading and installing the
"Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package" from here.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package

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