Today, I’d like to give you some advice regarding the battle at the duct, when you enter the enemy base, the sea-floor laboratory.             

Duct 246 is your way in to the sea-floor laboratory. Once you've infiltrated it, the enemy’s security system is waiting inside.


It’s known for the especially challenging pods that fire a barrage of countless shots from the ceiling.             
Energy is supplied to these pods by the moving rails on the duct’s ceiling, so they’ll keep attacking forever if you don’t destroy them.
It’s been confirmed that the pods attack in three patterns. They form an extremely powerful defense system that drives away invaders with an expansive artillery.


However, intel HQ has used the Hound Squadron's desperate infiltration mission to discover a way to avoid the pods’ attacks due to their consistent pattern, so I’d like to explain this to everyone.


First on the Hound Squadron's video is Pattern 1: a way to avoid the pods’ attack at first encounter.

As you just saw, a basic way to avoid shots from the pods is by moving rhythmically back and forth.
The key to this is to stay in the center and move back and forth. It’s possible to elude the attacks by moving the Hound by the length of its own body.


Next on the Hound Squadron's video is Pattern 2: a way to avoid the pods’ attack at second encounter.

This method of avoiding attacks is basically the same as Pattern 1, but this time you need to dodge the shots by standing directly below the pods above you.
Just as earlier, you’ll get shot if you remain standing near the center, so move rhythmically back and forth with the pods.


Last on the Hound Squadron's video is Pattern 3: a way to avoid the pods’ attack at third encounter.

Among all the attack patterns, these pods have the heaviest artillery, making them almost impossible to dodge.
Basically, don’t move away from the center spot. This is the best way to avoid their attacks. If you make any unnecessary movements, you’ll become a target for the enemy, so please be careful.


What do you think? Despite the fact that they’re very dangerous in the duct, if you look at the pods this way, you can see that the system has some exploitable gaps.
There is no such thing as a perfect system. If you do your research carefully, you’ll always find vulnerabilities. Of course, the same goes for us as well, so let’s work to keep those vulnerabilities to a minimum.
For example, I’ve been staying up too late at night lately, so my skin has been… er, never mind.

Carelessness and carefulness are similar but different. This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


After you get through the transport duct, just ahead of you will be the orbital elevator’s loading block, and you’ll arrive at an area called the Red Bridge.
This area stores cargo to be transported into space by the orbital elevator, and is therefore is an extremely large area. There is a giant bridge placed within the area for communication purposes, where it’s possible for a strategic class mobile armor unit to pass through. The Red Bridge is the key feature of this area.

Enemy units are stationed on the bridge. Among them: the man we encountered on the battleship…


The enemy’s aerial unit that I saw at the Red Bridge seems to be the core block of the strategic class armor unit they call the Esperanza, whom we encountered previously at the battleship.
When the Esperanza was defeated, I noticed flying objects coming out of it and that’s what it seems to be. There isn’t much time before the satellite gun is to be launched into orbit. No matter what it takes, we need to defeat it and infiltrate the sea-floor laboratory, and have our revenge!


The core block has two main attacks. The first is a beam fired along the passageway, and the other is a laser attack from a remote weapon.
The beam from the remote weapon is especially difficult to deal with, as that unit cannot be defeated. There must be many troops who take damage inside the duct at first, and are then defeated in the battles afterward.
At intel HQ, we’ve analyzed the enemy’s attack patterns and produced the video below. We’ve discovered ways to avoid the enemy’s attacks, so I’d like to share this with everyone.
Please refer to the video below.


First, the enemy’s beams from the bridge are fired at regular intervals, so there is an opening, and we can see that you won’t get hit if you remain standing at the edge of the collapsed bridge.
Next are the laser attacks from the remote weapon. Recall the battle inside the duct with the pods.
The laser attacks are similar to the pods, and they attack at regular intervals, so avoid them by moving rhythmically back and forth.


What do you think? The enemy’s attack patterns this time are relatively simple, so I think you’ll be able to defeat it easily if you get the hang of it.
However, the enemy escaped after this and we headed into the sea-floor laboratory, but there was a trap set by the merciless enemy awaiting us… I’d like to end this report at this time.
This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


Beyond the collapsed Red Bridge, there were many units of the enemy army waiting along the passageway to take on the Hound squadron, which had just infiltrated the sea-floor laboratory.             

We’ll infiltrate the sea-floor laboratory, still damaged from the battle earlier inside the duct.


Beyond that, if we were to take damage within the passage of the sea-floor laboratory and retreat (continue), we’ll invade again from the laboratory entrance. The passage to the laboratory is long, and the electromagnetic barriers along the way do a lot of damage.
We believed that many troops have fought hard here.


Intel HQ has discovered a secret area inside the laboratory with a recovery item that can restore the Hound. Now, I’d like to instruct all troops.


The passage to the sea-floor laboratory consists of three separate floors, and we’ll be entering from the top floor, or the first floor.

We’ll infiltrate through to the innermost block of the first floor, where it connects to the second floor. As you can see in the video, there is a slope with a passageway that looks like a wall.
When you go through this hidden passage, there is a magnification converter and a recovery item just ahead. Perhaps it’s meant as a backup unit in case of emergency, but it’s great for us. Go ahead and grab it.


What do you think? The sea-floor laboratory has a narrow passage with many enemies and differs from the other invasion spots till now, but I’ll give you some information that’s important for invading it. The electromagnetic barrier that blocks the passage has several pits by your feet, forcing you to jump,
but it’s possible to get by them without jumping. The armored hunter can run over the tops of small holes by dashing.
In other words, as long as you’re careful about the timing of the electromagnetic shots, you can get past it by dashing, so give it a try by pressing the dash button repeatedly.

This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


What the Hound Squadron witnessed after reaching the depths of the passage in the sea-floor laboratory. It was the gravity control unit, Damian, gone out of control.

Damian was deliberately out of control, due to the orders of the enemy commander, who had already moved to the orbital elevator.


Damian controls gravity, a natural force said to be uncontrollable by humans, and was developed for this purpose through the wisdom of scientists from around the world.
The experiments held before the war started were successful, but the sea-floor laboratory's experiments to benefit humankind with large-scale research equipment and neutron polymers' vast energy were interrupted by the outbreak of fighting.
Maybe it’s not our place to say so, but shouldn't we regret the fact that this machine — humanity's dreams, crystalized wisdom — was used for battle and went out of control?


Damian is currently out of control, disabling gravity in the area where it's installed, and it’s difficult and very dangerous to get near it because it releases large energy particle waves from its neutron polymers.

These energy particle waves can cause serious damage to the Hound. You must avoid them at all costs.

As for controlling the unit in its weightless state, those of you who have undertaken the training will know, but because many of you don’t have that experience, please refer to the video below as I analyse how to defeat Damian.


First, what you need to do the most in a weightless battle is to set your shooting angle.
Gunhound’s body, which is not designed for battles in space, would spin around when moving weightlessly, making it difficult to aim at the target. Not only does this waste time, but when Damian takes damage, its energy emission accelerates.
Therefore, you need to defeat Damian quickly, but in order to do that, you have to set your shooting angle and make sure to shoot your weapons in a set direction. You can set the shooting angle by pressing its button.
For further details, please refer to the manual.


After setting the shooting angle, attack the revolving Damian by moving around it to match the movement of its energy emissions.
In its final stages, Damian’s energy emissions will accelerate, so you have to move around quickly in the same orbit and control your movement accurately. If you haven't mastered weightless movement, please practice in the simulator.
There are two critical elements in the battle against Damian. They are to set your shooting angle, and to control your movement quickly and accurately. Please remember this.

In order to change directions in a weightless state, push the direction you’d like to go and boost.
High-Speed Movement can be used to move quickly to avoid energy emissions, so make sure to use it.


… This orbital elevator battle has damaged the gravity control unit, sea-floor laboratory, and the orbital elevator tremendously. This will prove a huge setback to human beings’ journey to outer space. The Hound squadron has also lost important allies.
Let’s take down the enemies heading toward the satellite orbit as quickly as possible, so that there aren’t any more victims than there are already.

This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.