Standing in the way of the Hound squadron, and ready to die in order to stop the invasion of EAU’s crashed battleship, was the enemy’s strategic class mobile unit, the Esperanza.
When the enemy's commander suddenly appeared… the Hound squadron…
I'm sorry. I'm getting a bit emotional.
…there's no time for hesitation.


The Esperanza, which was on the battleship, is EAU’s all-new strategic class mobile unit.
Intel HQ knew about the existence of a new mobile unit, but because this unit was kept extremely confidential, its performance and appearance were a complete mystery.

This time, we were finally able to see its abilities after the enemy’s commander ordered it to make an appearance.


We've received a video of a fight with the Esperanza. We still don't know much about it, but we're working on analysis right now.

At this time, I’d like to use this video to analyze this enemy mobile armor unit’s attacks.

Please refer to the video below during analysis.


When you watch the video, you can see that its rapid, powerful attacks are well beyond what we've seen up until now. The attacking patterns:

1. Attacks from a pillar of fire while running along the ground.
2. Powerful beams fired from the head area.
3. Magnetic attraction attacks from the arm area.
4. Shots fired from the large Gatling gun on the arm area.
5. Missile attacks from the VLS on its back.

We can see that these are all repeated. These powerful attacks look very dangerous to the attacker.

However, as far as I can tell from this video, there are ways to avoid every one of its attacks.
Luckily, the enemy’s attack patterns remain the same for the most part. Therefore, if you can manage the Esperanza’s attack patterns and are able to counter them adequately,
you’ll have no problem defeating it.
Let’s look at how to avoid each attack.


[1. Attacks from a pillar of fire on the ground]

They’re avoidable with a boost jump.
However, please be careful if you have armor on, as it can take some time to boost jump to a height that’s high enough to avoid attacks.

[2. Powerful beams fired from the head area]

After dodging the pillar of fire on the ground, dash and leap under its chest.
The Esperanza’s beams are fired up high and then lower down, but when it does so, the area under its chest is wide open. Fire away as you avoid its attack by getting under its chest.


[3. Magnetic attraction attacks from the arm area]

These occur immediately after the beam attacks.
If you get caught, you’ll take significant damage, as the enemy is in a perfect position to attack. Escape toward the right hand side of the screen to avoid getting caught.
If you do get caught, rapidly press every button and direction (or "mash") to break free.
If you lack confidence in your button-mashing abilities, it appears possible to break free with an Armor Purge.

[4. Shots fired from the large Gatling gun on the arm area]

Next are the shots fired from its large Gatling gun on the arm. This is also a frontal attack like the beams, so the area under its chest is wide open.
Therefore, when the magnetic attraction attacks end, charge forward immediately and leap under the enemy’s chest to avoid its shots.


[5. Missile attacks from the VLS on its back]

Finally, there are the missile attacks from the VLS on its back, but this is similar to the battle versus the Juggler in the depths of the Khmer Forest. These missile attacks come from the sky, but the main difference between this and the Juggler is that the spaces between the falling missiles are narrower and there isn’t a fort to hide under.
Therefore, if you can’t avoid these missiles, punch them to destroy them.

Just like the escort assignment at the river or when you defended against the enemy helicopter’s missile attacks at the mine during the rescue operations, escape to safety by destroying these missiles with your punches.


This concludes the video analysis on how to fight the Esperanza.
At the end when the enemy mobile armor unit is defeated, small parts fly away. These are the main parts of the enemy units.
It’s very cunning. I’d like all pilots to brace themselves for future operations. And for… well…

That will be all.