Today I’m reporting from intel HQ on how to destroy the barricades in the way of rescuing hostages when invading from the mountainside.
These barricades were built to protect against landslides on this mountain, as the ground is especially loose around where the mines were.
They’re built with a combination of special concrete and a steel alloy, and go approximately 10 meters deep into the ground at key locations.


Though it lacks mineral resources, this mountain is a key infiltration point due to its limited protection, and has become the target for this operation.
Due to the high-speed descent and blitz tactics, colliding with these protective walls causes damage on par with a strategic class mobile armor’s main weapon.


However, these barricades were, of course, built to protect against landslides. Tactics weren’t taken into consideration when building it, so there is actually an opening.

A video of this barricade being destroyed by the Hound squadron has just arrived at intel HQ, so I’d like to share this right away.

Please watch the video below.


As you just saw, these walls didn’t move for the most part, and they were destroyed fairly easily with rapid shots fired diagonally downward.

As mentioned earlier, the wall has weak points because it was originally built as protection against landslides.
For positioning, line up the central part of the Hound with the far right area of the energy gauge on the Balkan gun.

After that, to destroy the barricades sticking out, aim the Gatling gun diagonally downwards to the right, and continue firing. It’s actually pretty simple.


Additionally, Yuri… If you'll pardon my interruption. Yuri’s tactical judgement in finding openings is outstanding.
Yuri’s performance is highly valued even at intel HQ, and she has a lot of fans.

This concludes my report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


Oh, come on, KID. All this nonsense… KID’s operation this time hasn't gone as planned, but due to a state of emergency at intel HQ, I’ll report as much as possible of the information I gathered on the journey to the summit.


Buried in this mine are minerals that are raw materials for catalytic resources, necessary for refining neutron polymer fuel.
A large-scale excavation is being conducted by the enemy camp but because most of the area has been dug out already, the refinement facility is currently being used to conduct secret research.


To get to the mountaintop from the ground, there’s no other way except to go through the tunnel, so the enemy camps have established forts with their defense corps to prevent us from invading.
The biggest problem is the tunnel halfway between the summit and the base. There’s a large fort on the rooftop and a mechanized unit in the tunnel to guard against bombardments from above and below, with their powerful defense network.


There are reports that many soldiers have fallen at this halfway point, but at intel HQ, we’ve found a way to infiltrate at this spot.

A video has arrived from the Hound squadron with all the details pertaining to the invasion at the halfway point, so I’d like to share it right away.

Please watch the video below.


The point worth noting this time is that the Hound has entered the halfway point in high-speed mode.

This was also explained in the first stage of the tutorial, but the Hound’s body is positioned lower than usual
when it’s dashing during High-Speed Movement. In this state, the Hound is exactly the same height as the ledge in front of it, and won't get hit by attacks from the ground.

Dodge the bombardment from the rooftop while firing missiles at the enemies in front of you. After that, you can infiltrate easily by destroying the fort on the roof.


How did KID clear this and reach the summit? The transmission status was cleared out, so we don’t have the details.
But if he entered in a similar way, then maybe he could teach Yuri a thing or two. It might be worth rethinking how we look at KID.

This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


Waiting for us when we completed our rescue operation was the enemy’s strategic armor unit, the Model 110, or "Yamaneko." The enemy camp has equipped themselves with powerful new weapons — you can feel the danger.


The Yamaneko was developed as a mobile armor with excellent mobility, equipped for both land and air. Adjustments to the body’s burner nozzle allow it to combine a fighter jet's speed and mobility of a fighter jet with a combat chopper's ability to hover.
Ground troops fear for their lives because of the powerful air-to-ground missiles and Vulcan cannons built into its large frame.


Defeating it is difficult, even for a unit with plenty of anti-aircraft artillery, so Yuri’s operation was a decoy at best.
But as a result of coming down from the mountaintop, the Yamaneko was lured to Yuri and it chased her at speed.
Yuri found a way to defeat it, so she went on the offensive.


A video has arrived from the Hound squadron with all the details on the defeat of the Yamaneko, so I’d like to share it right away.

Please watch the video below.


Attacking the Yamaneko is a three-fold process.
First, it will fire a number of missiles in a straight line. Here, the Hound steps back and goes between the enemy’s missiles to dodge the attack.

Second, shots will be fired from its Vulcan cannon. The Hound lures the enemy closer by approaching forward, and just before the Vulcan cannon is fired, avoids the attack by moving diagonally downward.

Lastly, it will fire missiles with a curved trajectory. This attack is very challenging to avoid. It’s difficult to time in order to dodge them, but first move downwards to the left and then go forward. You’ll avoid the missiles flying towards you.


The challenging part about defeating the Yamaneko is the limited space available to move around, unlike previous missions.
However, all you need to follow are the three steps mentioned earlier, because the enemy is confronting the Hound face to face, and not attacking from high above. Therefore, as long as you can figure out how to dodge its attacks, defeating the Yamaneko is within your reach.

This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.