Your main objective this time is to escort the tanker and to protect its cargo from being destroyed by enemy attacks.

During the escort, there’ll be attacks by mines and helicopters, so you’ll have to be ready for battle at any time. The biggest issue, though, will be the two snake-shaped underwater mobile armor units approaching from behind.


This underwater mobile armor attacks with its body. It'll approach the tanker by twisting its long body up and down to reach the water's surface from below. Its goal is to destroy all the cargo on deck.
Beyond that, its body can still move even if it’s partially destroyed, because of its block-based structure. It also moves quickly; because it approaches so suddenly, pilots confronting it for the first time don't stand a chance.


However, from the battle records gathered by intel HQ, regarding these snake-shaped underwater armor units, we’ve obtained tips on how to handle it.
Here is a video of Yuri, of the Hound squadron, defeating it. Watch the video below.


First, Yuri uses a twin rifle that can convert to an antiaircraft weapon in order to attack the enemy.
Wait for the enemy to approach, with the twin rifle at the ready, and when its head appears, attack it with two shots.


Follow this course of action, and you'll note that when the enemy’s head is destroyed, its body parts explode one by one as well.
This occurs because the enemy unit's main system is located inside its head. When it's destroyed, the rest of the body loses its control functions, causing it to explode.


When you notice the enemy appear, destroy it by firing the twin rifle at its head, preventing it from approaching the tanker's cargo.

Make sure to also be careful when this mobile armor unit appears, as two humanoid units will be airlifted in as diversions beforehand.

As soon as you notice these two humanoid units, make sure to watch your back.

This concludes the report.
I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


Now I’d like to deliver some information on fighting the sea snakes, the enemy’s large strategic mobile armor that seems to be difficult to defeat.

Sea snakes. The main offense options of this mobile armor, once it suddenly surfaces, are its barrage of large spherical energy missiles and its direct attacks with its body.


In particular, the sea snakes will fire a barrage of energy missiles. On top of that, if you attack the enemy’s head protector, it fires more energy missiles, making the fight even harder.

In my search for tactics against the sea snake, I obtained a video from intel HQ of Yuri, of the Hound squadron, fighting and defeating it while escorting the tanker in the jungle. I’ll present the tactics with the video below for reference.


First, there is an extremely simple and effective way to attack the enemy: the Gatling gun.
The first half of the battle involves focusing on the enemy’s head and attacking it with the twin rifle and missiles, but for the second half, use only the Gatling guns.


After the first explosion, the enemy is in a defenseless state after its armor falls off of its head and body. You can see that it’s suffered significant damage from the number of shots fired by the Hound.
Because of its excellent rapid-fire performance, the Gatling gun is extremely effective, and the sea snake is destroyed in under a minute.


What do you think? Keep the following points in mind to fight the sea snake:
• In the first half of the battle, focus on attacking its head.
• In the second half, focus on attacking the unarmored area with the Gatling gun.
If you follow these two points, it’s highly possible to defeat the sea snake.

This concludes the report.
Keep an eye on the radar at all times.