Today, I’m reporting from intel HQ on countermeasures for the large fuel plant's electromagnetic barrier in the Khmer Forest.

As explained in the briefing, this plant supplies neutron polymer fuel to the enemy's landship. It’s not just a fuel facility — it clearly provides security measures against outside invaders and also has firm measures against worst-case scenarios like natural disasters and accidents within the facility.


That’s the large electromagnetic shutter installed on the outer wall of the plant.
The defining feature of this electromagnetic barrier is the special alloy it's made from, which has superior resistance against heat and pressure. Not only that, it’s also equipped with a device that generates powerful electromagnetic fields to combat harmful radiation.
Not only is it impossible to destroy with ordinary weapons, as mentioned by Yuri during operations, but optical weapons will likewise be shut down with electromagnetic fields.
It appears to be impregnable. In order to prevail, we need a special operations squad to take it out.


However, the electromagnetic barrier isn’t usually in operation, because it would interfere with transportation and resupplying duties. The barrier is only operated under emergency conditions.
The barrier’s functionality is as mentioned earlier. When it's as heavy-duty as this one, the weight of the barrier itself will be plenty.
In short, you'll need plenty of time to open and close the barrier, due to its weight.

Now, please watch the two videos below.


The video above is the standard pattern when the electromagnetic barrier when is closed. The barrier on the outer wall of the plant closes when too much time is spent attacking the enemy. In this case, you'd have no choice but to wait for your allies to arrive.

Alternately, the video below demonstrates the use of heavy firearms, such as missiles, to break through enemies. This shows arriving at the plant’s outer wall so quickly that allied forces like the Gryphon are unable to catch up.
At this point, the electromagnetic barrier isn’t fully lowered, and the regular protective wall is uncovered, so it’s possible to destroy it using the Hound’s standard weapons.
This is the electromagnetic barrier's weak point. If you can destroy the wall before the barrier closes completely, the invasion afterwards is quite easy.


Not that this information is necessarily needed in order to take the plant —
that said, assaulting the enemy’s plant and not allowing them to counterattack will increase your survival rate.
It’s to be expected that the operations from here on out will involve battles against strong enemy forces, and therefore we look forward to seeing more effective maneuvers.

This concludes the report. I wish everyone the best of luck in their battle.


Today I’m notifying everyone of information concerning the EAU strategic class mobile armor units protecting the large fuel plant deep within the Khmer Forest.

Exactly as the name implies, strategic class mobile armors are loaded with multiple powerful heavy firearms, can move quickly for a long period, and are able to seize a region on their own.


Our current target, the strategic class armor unit "Juggler," is a weapon that was designed for minor battles on the ground.
The Juggler approaches its target at high speeds with exceptional mobility, due to the acceleration devices installed on all four of its legs. It attacks with the antipersonnel/antivehicle Gatling gun equipped on the middle of the body and a VLS missile launcher installed on its back.
It’s clear that EAU regards this facility as strategically important, based on their deployment of expensive strategic class mobile armor units in a facility this deep in the jungle.


However, the Juggler is a mobile armor first used in combat a decade ago, and outside of its firepower, it falls short of modern mobile armors in many regards. Therefore, it’s very possible for the Hound to handle the enemy on its own.
In particular, the Juggler's large body renders it less effective at close-quarters combat, so if the Hound can get under its chest, it shouldn't be too difficult to defeat it.

Now please watch the video below.


Jump and avoid attacks from the Gatling gun on the Juggler's underbelly. At the same time, dive under it and attack its underbelly with full force.

Avoid the missile launches throughout by diving under the enemy’s fort.

When the missile attacks end, move under the Juggler's underbelly again and attack. By repeating this, you should be able to destroy it.


As mentioned earlier, the Juggler was among the first strategic class mobile armors developed by EAU, so it should be relatively easy to handle.

For everyone who wants to become an ace pilot, I hope you can develop the ability to defeat the Juggler without taking any damage.

Incidentally, if you use Armor Purge without any damage,
you’ll receive a “No damage/purge bonus”.
After defeating the Juggler, please give it a try if you have the chance.