After defeating Damian, Yuri chases after the neutron polymer orbital cannon being transported to satellite orbit by the orbital elevator.
Yuri recalls her frustration over the heartless words of her enemy as the Hound’s last battle begins against the fanatic who plans to destroy the world...


The neutron polymer satellite cannon. This is a neutron polymer cannon that was equipped on the battleship and modified into a gigantic particle beam cannon.
Neutron polymer is a material with enormous energy potential, and its research was conducted by multiple countries with the assumption that it could be used for military purposes.
However, an international treaty was signed that permits use of the neutron polymer only in peaceful application, and that neutron polymer weapons were not to be owned or used by any country. The battleship uses the neutron polymer cannon as its driving mechanism, and as a result, doesn’t violate the international treaty.
The NEU have driven their enemy into a corner by making this information public.


Even compared to contemporary enemy armor units, the battleship s unmatched.
This armor unit, originally designed to be used in satellite orbit with Esperanza as its base, possesses a variety of powerful firearms.
Moreover, considering you’re headed into orbit and will be battling in zero-gravity along the way, you’ll have to protect yourself and complete the mission without much help.
We've just received a detailed battle video from Yuri of Gunhound squadron. You can find the video below, along with an analysis of the enemy’s attack patterns.


First, the enemy will attack with their Balkan gun.
The attack pattern is the same as Esperanza. Basically get past the Balkan gun by leaping under the enemy’s chest and attacking with punches from close range.


The next attack is the pillar of fire that runs above the bridge. This is also the same as before, and you can elude it with a boost jump.
If you’re wearing armor, please be careful, as it will take longer to jump high enough to elude attacks with a boost jump.


The next attack is from the small directional missiles.
The missiles come flying down from above and it’s even difficult to avoid them by punching because the space between them is narrow.
Therefore, step away from the enemy for a bit at this point. As you can see in the video, it’s possible to avoid it if you stay away from the enemy as much as possible as the missiles won’t reach you.


The next attack is from the neutron polymer cannon.
This is a powerful attack. If you get hit by it, you’ll suffer serious damage. Avoiding it is the only countermeasure.
Therefore, leap under the enemy’s chest by dashing and attack it in a similar fashion to before. You’ll be pushed back by the enormous energy of this bombardment so hold the movement key down.


Next is the magnetic attack from its arm.
You’ll be immobile if caught by the enemy with this magnet and subsequently take gatling gun damage.
This Gatling gun’s shells can be disabled with sub attacks. Therefore, it’s conversely possible to attack the enemy by getting caught intentionally.
For those of you who aren’t used to the controls, it might be wise to just step back and avoid the attacks.
When this attack ends, it attacks once more with its Gatling gun and starts the pattern over.


If the enemy incurs damage to a certain extent, the altitude reaches zero-gravity range and the enemy’s attacking pattern changes.
The last attack comes from the energy balls in zero gravity.
In this attack, energy balls are generated in outer space and will begin firing upon you.
You’ll like take prohibitive amounts of damage if you stay still, so elude the balls by luring and gathering them and battle in zero-gravity by setting your shooting angle and firing.


What do you think?
It mostly because this is the last boss, but this attack pattern is incomparable to the others up to this point. This will be your greatest battle yet. There are no tricks to avoiding damage. Instead, Your experience, knowledge and courage will be put to the test.
However, the enemy’s main corps will be annihilated and the war will end if the satellite gun is destroyed. This will bring peace to Veltonia.
The only people that can protect the world from the threat of the neutron polymer cannons are those of you who are reading this report right now. I’m convinced that you’ll come back victorious.

That is all. I wish everyone the best of luck in their mission.