-- The Secret of the Strategic Class Armor Unit --
Doesn’t the strategic class armor unit that appears in stages 1, 4, and Last Boss have a somewhat similar body configuration?

Actually, all the body parts that appear here were made using only the parts from the first boss, Jagler!

For example, don’t the legs of stage 1’s boss have the same configuration as the arms of stage 4 and last boss!?
They’re built by using the same parts and as for the tail of the last boss, it’s made from the sea snakes in stage 2!?

I’ll give you my inside report, but didn’t they take a tremendously easy way out with this!?

As a result, I have a few questions.

It looks like the order of stages 4 and 5 were in reverse before Gunhound became EX. Because it was reversed, the battleship scene was the final stage and the last boss was the battleship itself.

It’s often the case that the battleship is the boss, and when the first Gunhound was released with that being the last boss, I wondered “Is that the end!?” “What is this?” “When you capture the battleship, the last boss should appear right then!” It sounds like they received a lot of comments like that.

As for the Director of Development, “Really? Really? Seriously? But if I think about it carefully, there’s something to that. I’m really sorry!” He seemed to have felt this way but it was already released and although updating the program was possible, there isn’t a device that can update graphic data. Despite the fact he was distressed for 3 days during new year’s, as a result of putting all the materials together like a puzzle, he presented stage 4’s boss, Esperanza from the collapsing battleship.

“But aren’t there are a lot of improved graphics in EX?
Why is it the same until the last boss?”

“E...Esperanza is already …. mk2 as well and there’s a few prickles on its shoulders!! It’s not normal!?”

He said.
It was made using generic parts, and was a creation that was easy on the wallet. So that’s the strategic class armor unit!!

-- The Hound Squadron’s Character Name --
“Gunhound” This is the name of the corps that is attached to the player’s character, but do you know the name of the armor unit used by the Hound squadron?

Its official name is “Type 80 Armored Hunter Gn-120HD Mk2”. It was given the nickname “Tiger 44”. It's the same name as a famous tank in military history, but it was given this nickname with the intention of it being the most powerful weapon on the ground.
The official name is printed on the booklet that comes with the limited edition version of “Armored Hunter Gunhound EX” for PSP.

By the way, apparently the “80” of Type 80 is read “eighty”. The first helicopter that will be transporting armored hunters is “80 Fly” and the fort inside the plant is called “Anti-80 Cannon”.

I’ve been told to be careful as different problems would arise if it’s pronounced “AT”.
There are basic specifications and detailed settings, but please find out about that by getting the PSP limited edition version by all means.

-- Lovely? -- Enemy Characters --
The female captain of the battleship that appeared in Stage 4. Actually, they were originally meant to be an elderly man with a beard.
This became a female captain just before the voice actors conducted their voice recordings during the production of EX. I was able to get Ms. Mai Aizawa who plays the role of Sophia to record her lines.
The death of a female character wearing glasses was a bit unfortunate.

-- Gunhound and its History --
Veltonia to become Gunhound’s battleground. This country was a monarchy (Imperial rule) located in Southeast Asia but tragedy struck when neutron polymer mines were discovered in the region.

You can find out the story through the instruction manual website or even from the in-game story, but let’s organize more details about the NEU, where the Gunhound squadron is affiliated, as well as the EAU, which supplies the enemy.

This confederation was formed by the countries affiliated with the Eastern European side of the EU (European Union), which was divided after entering the 21st century due to economic and ethnic problems, along with the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) from the former Soviet Union.
China also merged after that, making it the largest country in the Eurasian continent.
As a result, because there are a large number of people from Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia, Gunhound squadron’s Yuri and Captain Mikail are also of Asian and Russian descent.

This confederation, focused around Southern Europe, was established by former EU affiliated countries, with the exception of Eastern Europe, who lost the Generaal War which lead to the split of the European Union.
This area is small relative to the NEU, but it recovered successfully after the war thanks to the prosperity of the adjoining African economy. It became a great influence on the world economy.

Veltonia, the stage of our battle, is where a civil war between the Imperial Rule, that wants to preserve its monarchy, and the Residence party, that would like to switch over to the democratic system,
has been extended to a proxy war with the NEU in support of the revolutionaries and EAU for the Imperial Rule.

The conflict over political principles will continue forever, even into the future when the orbital elevator is successfully built.

-- Story Editing from Regular to EX --
“Armored Hunter Gunhound”. The game began life in 2009 as a physically-released game for Windows PC.

This game, which targets the R35 generation, evolved into EX over the 4 years it took to change the story and characters drastically.
Therefore, I’ll present the story printed on the instruction manual of the regular package version so you can see the difference between that and EX.

Battle for supremacy on the ground has evolved into outer space and the world is in extreme chaos. There was a strong movement to unite the intentions of the people on earth by establishing a unified government on the planet.
This was also a manifestation of the feud they had with the people who migrated to outer space.
When the unified government was established on earth, there were frequent incidents of civil and political skirmishes all over, and a state of unprecedented chaos continued.

While that was going on, “Chaos”, a country in the corner of Asia, plunged into civil war as the nation divided into joint forces who wanted a unified government, and a monarchic army that cried for independence.
Due to the fact that Chaos was also a prominent producer of “neutron polymer”, a new energy source with unlimited hidden power, a fierce battle broke out between the joint forces with their new weapons and the monarchic army with their assistance from other countries.
Since Chaos is a testing site for new weapons, it was exposed to fierce warfare that spread beyond the country's borders.

The joint forces’ bases in Chaos were attacked one after another by the monarchic army’s “Tread Tortoise”, a giant battleship which transforms into a portable-type neutron polymer fort.
At that time, the neutron polymer facility was also attacked, resulting in high casualties. In order to prevent this from getting worse, the joint forces established an anti-battleship corps from Armored Hunter Gunhound, which excelled at close-range combat, and began an operation to confront Tread Tortoise.

A bloody battle begins for the 3 soldiers of Gunhound.

In the regular version, there are the people who live on earth and in outer space, and the stage was set in a country called Chaos for a civil war between the people living on earth.
Moreover, “Gunhound” is also a character name so it was changed to its military name, EX.
Neutron polymer is a term that refers to a key to the story and is very important in EX as well.

-- Character Editing from Regular to EX --
The story for the regular version was presented before, so the characters will be presented this time.

In the regular version, comic artist Pop Zakkun was in charge of designing the characters but these designs have been reset by Noi Momoyama for EX.

In addition, the characters’ names and their origins have undergone big changes for EX. Let's meet the 3 main characters for the regular version and their origins.

Eliza Taylor
Joint forces Second Lieutenant. After the attack of the neutron polymer facilities by the giant battleship, “Dread Tortoise”, she gets transferred to the Purple platoon. During the civil war in Chaos, troops were dispatched as mercenaries from companies (arms dealers) in Europe. Her nickname is Liza.

Shin Ryuzaki
Joint forces Lieutenant. Purple platoon Leader. We’ll confront “Dread Tortoise” with our anti-battleship armored hunter. He’s the only survivor from the attack of the neutron polymer facility by “Dread Tortoise” but lost his fiancée at the same time. His nickname is Zaki.

Batista Arbus Fisher [01] Joint forces Sergeant. He serves in the Purple platoon. He came to earth to find his father who has been missing since the neutron polymer facility was attacked by “Dread Tortoise”. His nickname is Batsu.


Liza is a befitting character for Yuri in EX, but Yuri is just a regular soldier while Liza has become a mercenary.
Zaki is a suitable match for Mikhail, but he’s burdened with the tragedy of losing his lover. Based on his name, he seems like a Japanese descendant.
Batsu is a suitable match for KID in EX. His position in the game isn’t any different to KID's, but his actions are targeted towards finding his father.
Moreover, the “Hound platoon” is for EX and “Purple platoon” is for the regular version. That's also one of the differences.

What did you think about the original story of Gunhound? The download for the original Gunhound is currently on sale. For those of you that are interested in it along with the EX, please go to our Online Shop to access the purchase site.